Monthly Archives: December 2010

Friday – Dec 31st – See You in Class Today

Let’s start the new year off with a  great dance class today. Lots of energy and we’ll kick it up a notch! We’ll celebrate by going across the street to Main St. for a New Year’s toast after class! See you in class… -Monica

Wednesday – Dec 29th – See You in Class Today

Hey everyone I will BE TEACHING TODAY. Let’s dance off those extra goodies we ate over the weekend and start the New Year feeling really good.  Remember, I will be teaching Friday, New Year’s Eve! -Monica PS…Payments are due for January, if you haven’t paid yet.

Monday – Dec 27th – See You in Class Today!

I hope to see everyone in class today and everyone had a great holiday weekend off.  Let’s work hard this week and keep an eye on the weather. I am teaching  New Year’s Eve. -Monica

Wednesday – Dec 22nd – See You In Class Today

Looking forward to seeing you in class today. I will not be teaching FRIDAY –  as it is a holiday. Let’s get a good workout in today to make it through the weekend. Remember, I will be teaching ALL next week, including Friday, NEW YEAR’S EVE. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday with family and friends! […]

Monday – Dec 20th – I Will See You In Class Today

Hey everyone…The weather is very iffy this week, so make sure you come in TODAY and get in your workout! On Wednesday, please check back here to see what is going on with the weather. Remember too…. Friday is a holiday. See you in class! -Monica

Friday – Dec 17th – See You In Class Today!!

Hey, I know everyone is getting ready for the holidays, but it’s very  important to keep exercising during this time.  I will see you all in class today. Next weeks schedule is: Monday & Wednesday –  Dec 20 & 22 – Class as usual (weather permitting) Friday  – Dec 24 – No Class Holiday schedule […]

Wed – Dec 15th – See You in Class Today!

Hey everyone…I will see you in class today. Keep coming as you never know when there will be a bad storm. We need to keep working out as often as possible. -Monica

Friday – Dec 10th – See You in Class Today!!!

Good morning everyone.  Nasty weather, but at least it is not snowing here! I will see you all in class today…Keep coming… – Monica

Monday – Dec 6th – See You in Class Today!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know last week was crazy with everyone finally able to sift through the damage from the storms. I know I was! I will see you all in class today!  Just keep coming….it so good for your body, mind & spirit! – Monica

Friday – Dec 3rd

Good morning. I am looking forward to seeing you all in class. Remember consistency is crucial to good health….so keep coming! Let’s have some fun today! – Monica

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