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Wednesday – March 30th – See You in Class!

Hey… I am excited to see everyone today in class. Let’s have some fun. Your April payments are due today. See you there. – Monica

Sunday – March 27th – This Last Storm’s Damage at My House

Hey everyone, this is the damage at my house from our latest storm…looking forward to teaching class tomorrow…see you Monday! – Monica P.S. Remember to always check before class for any updates!!

Friday – March 25th – It’s A Snow Day :(

Hi everyone…hope you are all safe. I will not be in today due to two NEW feet of snow. Power lines are down, trees falling. The WORST I have ever seen it in 28 years. Please stay safe and I hope to see you on Monday. Always check here for any updates before coming into […]

Wednesday – March 23rd – I’m Coming In…

Hey everyone…I’m coming in so PLEASE join me today in class. Grab your stuff and get ready, we’ll dance, have some fun, and forget about this weather for a little while. See you there! – Monica PS… It is always a good idea, during inclement weather, to check back here just before class for any […]

Monday – Mar 21st – UPDATE…I Am Coming In Today!

It is snowing here but I am coming in…Wednesday looks very iffy right now, so please come in today to dance . We need to release some stress and have some fun… Happy 1st Day of SPRING!!! – Monica

Friday – Mar 18 – UPDATE – I WILL NOT be coming in afterall

Since I blogged last…I have had some major house issues…NO WATER at all. Need to stay here and deal with the repairs. So sorry! I want to be there teaching…But I will see you on Monday!! – Monica

Wednesday – March 16th – See You in Class Today.

Hey…would love to see you all in class today…let’s have some fun and relieve some stress – as the future storms look a little unpredictable. – Monica

Friday – March 11th – I Will Be in Class Today

So very sorry if the recent earthquake and Tsunami events have affect anyone’s loved ones….come to class and let’s be together during these tragic circumstances. – Monica

Monday – Mar 7th – See you Today in Class!

Hey everyone.  Hope you had a great weekend. The weather is beautiful today so let’s dance and have some fun in class. -Monica

Friday – March 4th – See You Today In Class!

Hey…everyone…I will see you in class today. Let’s have some fun and dance! -Monica PS – March payment is due…please make your payment if you haven’t done so.

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