Monthly Archives: April 2011

Friday – April 29th

What a beautiful day and it looks like the weekend is going to be nice too. Let’s have  a good stretch, dance to some good music, and just let all the stress go while having some fun!!!  See you in class! -Monica

Wednesday – April 27th

Hey everyone….I will see you in class today and I am looking forward to a great hour of good music, dance and lots of fun! Remember…May payments are due! -Monica

Monday – April 25th

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Looking forward to seeing you today. Please remember payments are due this week for the month of May. -Monica

Friday – April 22nd – See you Today…

Hey everyone…looking forward to more new music today. Hope to see you there!  Just a reminder…payments are due by the end of next week. -Monica

Wednesday – April 20th – See you in class!

Hi everyone…a few sprinkles can’t slow us down…so let’s have some fun in dance today! See you there… -Monica

Monday – April 18th – See You in Class!

Hey….hope everyone had a great weekend. It was so nice until yesterday afternoon…but what’s a little rain…right? Looking forward to seeing you all in class today. Let’s have some fun! -Monica

Friday – April 15….. TGIF :)

Hey everyone….let’s end the week with some good music and dance. It has been a long week, I am feeling much better and looking forward to seeing you all in class! -Monica

Wednesday – April 13th – I’m Coming In!!!

Hey everyone…I’m feeling much better and can’t wait to see you all. I have some new music so let’s have some fun dancing today. See you there! -Monica

Monday – April 11th – Dance Class is Canceled Today…

Hey everyone…sorry, but I am canceling class today as I am sick. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. -Monica

Friday – April 8th – I’ll Be in Class Today!

Hey everyone…see you in class today. Don’t forget we have a party across the street at Main St. for Nancy Jones’ birthday. Let’s have some fun both in class and afterwards. -Monica

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