Monthly Archives: May 2011

Monday – May 30th – No Class Today

Hope you are having a great Memorial Weekend. There will be no class today. See you all on Wednesday. Remember…June payments are due, so please make your payment ASAP. -Monica

It Finally Friday – May 27th – See You In Today!

Hey….try to make class today as you know Monday is Memorial Day and I will not be teaching. So let’s have a good time dancing. Also, please try to make your June payment…as it is due today! Thanks I appreciate your continued support -Monica

Wed – May 25th – See You in Class!

Hey…it’s time to get into swimsuit shape (Summer will be here someday) …so come to dance today and let’s have some fun! -Monica

Monday – May 23rd – See You in Class!

Hey….let’s brighten up this dreary day with some fun in dance. We’ll work up a good sweat dancing to some great music….see you there! -Monica

Friday – May 20 See You In Class!

Hope to see everyone in class today. Let’s have fun to some good music and dance…it’s a great way to end the week and start the weekend. See you there! -Monica

Monday – May 16th – See You in Class

Let’s de-stress from the cold, snowy May we are having…looking forward to seeing everyone in class! -Monica

Wed. – May 11th – See You In Class!

Hey everyone. It’s that time of year…(already the middle of May) and time to get ourselves in swimsuit shape. Keep coming to class…have some fun, and see the results that dancing consistently will make on YOUR body. -Monica

Monday – May 9th – See you in class!

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Mother’s Day. It’s a beautiful day today..Let’s have some fun, unwind, and dance!! See you there! -Monica

Monday – May 2nd See You In Class…

Hey everyone…hope you had a great weekend! See you in class today…please make sure to make your May payment today!!! -Monica

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